Total Support Services

A positive impact on local communities

The facilities we provide our staff can deliver long-term benefits to the surrounding communities

We can provide high quality accommodation to get the best out of the workforce and enhance community relations.
To increase efficiency on a project, it is standard working practice in the UK to provide support services in addition to the main construction activities.
Over the years we have found that engagement with the local community before and during construction is of enormous benefit. As well as instilling a sense of ownership in the project among the community, it enables us to respond to their issues before they become problems.
A construction project of the size of a new nuclear power station requires thousands of workers. Our intention is to train and employ as many of the local community as are available, creating long-term opportunities through the development of a skilled workforce.
Construction of the accommodation facilities also provides an opportunity for local people to learn construction trades ahead of the main construction, so enhancing their chances of securing long-term, high quality employment.
Once the construction activities are finished, the high quality accommodation camps with restaurants, bars and recreational facilities can offer a lasting legacy for the community.
In addition to the cleaners who will be required throughout the project, there is also a need for industrial cleaning as it is safer and more cost effective to have trained cleaners rather than skilled operatives undertaking the necessary cleaning operations. Good quality catering is key to ensuring a happy and effective workforce. We can provide a pleasant, stylish and relaxed environment in which the workforce can enjoy a varied range of nutritious meals which offer excellent value for money.
The catering required for the large numbers of personnel on site also provides an opportunity for local farmers/suppliers to sell their produce.
Our aim is to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all. It is essential that support is available to the workforce on site and in the accommodation facilities. This includes the provision of medical staff and health experts to advise on health issues and lead healthy living campaigns.
We can manage the total support services required including all of the above as well as other services such as property management, logistics and security.