Greenfield Site to Power Generation

Site delivery

We can add value at every stage, co-ordinating the many disciplines involved in the delivery of nuclear plants

Hinkley Point B – one of six British nuclear power stations where we carried out all the civil engineering construction and design.
Construction processes must integrate with all the other disciplines needed to deliver the project.
Effective on-site management of all disciplines involved in nuclear power station delivery is essential to secure the earliest possible start to power generation and minimise investment costs.
From arrival on site, through construction, commissioning and beyond, we provide the site-wide continuity that is key to delivering this revenue stream as efficiently as possible.
Site Delivery
Preparation of programmes, even with contractual commitment, is no guarantee of performance; schedules slip and delays in one area can result in ever larger and more costly hold ups elsewhere.  What is required is a project partner who combines a strategic approach with an unremitting focus on the practicalities of day-to-day delivery.
As main contractors, we have extensive experience in managing large numbers of subcontractors to tight programmes and recognise the critical importance of developing close relationships. It is an approach which allows us to develop a deeper project understanding and a full appreciation of the challenges that each supply chain partner has to address. This in turn allows us to ensure that each company understands the interfaces with their part of the works, and the real consequences of failing to meet the agreed outputs. We have found that this personal contact proves hugely effective in managing and motivating teams on site.
It is an approach which must be underpinned by robust project controls and project documentation control. Quality control and the extremely high audit trail standards necessary for nuclear projects will be more readily achieved through the development of cohesive and enduring site relationships.
In our experience, the earlier our involvement, the greater the increased continuity and depth of project knowledge we are able to bring to the process. These are factors which can prove to be of immeasurable value to our clients.
Our strengths, skills and capabilities:
  • Planning and programming of multi-discipline, multi-year processes
  • Ability to provide full regulatory and licensing support
  • Site preparation, logistics and enabling works
  • Best in class approach to health, safety & environment
  • Robust quality control to guarantee compliance of the end product
  • Construction management experience from many large-scale projects
  • Full understanding of equipment installation
  • Teamworking throughout the project