Regulatory and Licensing Support

Building on our experience

We can help to ensure a smooth passage through regulatory and licensing systems

Clients benefit from the reglatory and licensing system experience we have acquired on a variety of projects such as the design and construction of Oldbury power station.
The safety case for the Evaporator D project at Sellafield took just 100 days to go through Nuclear regulatory approval by employing constructive engagement with the regulators.
Modular construction allows for off-site fabrication which can improve quality and allows for easier inspection.
British requirements differ from those elsewhere in the world, whether regulated by the local Environmental Health Officer, the local authority or the Nuclear Directorate. Our many years of working for and dealing with regulatory bodies, examining and assessing submissions and safety cases, means we can help avoid some of the potential pitfalls and smooth the resolution of the inevitable difficulties.
We have knowledge and experience of both national and international nuclear regulators. This includes working directly with:
  • The Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR), the Environment Agency and Marine & Maritime Organisation (MMO) as well as making submissions to them
  • Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU), Aufsichtsbehörden in Germany
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency, and the US National Regulatory Commission internationally
We are familiar with the different design codes used internationally, in France, Germany, Finland and the USA, their evolution over time, and the nature of the detailed discussions with the UK regulators to reach a resolution for their application in Britain. For example, we played a key role in producing the ‘Anglicised’ and metric version of the US concrete design codes that were used on the Sizewell B PWR project (ASME boiler and pressure vessel code for containment design and ACI 349 for nuclear safety related structures).
Adhering to the precise implementation of designs and the exact requirements of the specification is vital, as is collating the appropriate project documentation to demonstrate that this has been achieved. We employ Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) in many disciplines, and have, over the decades, established strong relationships with a highly skilled supply chain.
We have been providing support to the ONR in undertaking condition assessments of the Magnox fleet of nuclear power stations and have developed project safety cases for plants on the Sellafield site.