Quality Assurance

Right first time

Robust and auditable site-wide quality controls must be established from the outset and managed appropriately

Behavioural-based quality is demonstrated by the publication of our 'Avoiding Common Defects' booklet. A survey suggested it has helped to avoid up to £1.5m per year defects on site.
The documented audit trail is vital.
The quality of all aspects of nuclear construction and installation must be of the highest standard. It must also be demonstrated to be of the highest standard by a rigorous audit trail.
To deliver the quality of work demanded for new nuclear projects, a robust, auditable and appropriately managed quality control process will be established for all the services provided.
Our process for managing and reducing defects is based on our ‘right first time’ culture. We promote quality awareness and ensure the commitment of all parties to the standard of construction required through our established quality controls and procedures.
Through our culture of surveillance and audit, inspection and testing, both on and off site, we ensure all required criteria are met. We apply international standards such as ASME to our own work and that of our supply chain.
We will ensure that quality is tightly controlled within our supply chain through the use of a fully integrated quality management system which is significantly more stringent in its requirements than the ISO 9001 standard to which we are certified. This approach will also ensure quality is maintained at interfaces through rigorous procedures which will reduce rework to the very minimum.
Adopting a systems engineering approach will help to capture requirements at the design stage which can be demonstrably satisfied at the verification phase. We are leading the introduction of requirements management for nuclear facilities in the UK through the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).
To ensure the highest standards of quality:
  • We have the right people, right experience, right skills and right behaviour
  • A 'right first time' culture is embedded in everything we do
  • We use lessons learnt from similar projects to optimise performance
  • We integrate the quality systems of our supply chain
  • Our robust quality controls will manage interface issues between trades/activities
  • Non-conformances will be closed out as work proceeds to deliver zero defects at handover.