Planning & Programming

Planning ahead for quality construction

Understanding and coordinating the requirements of all project partners is key to successful delivery

Working with our clients we examine the opportunities and threats faced by all parties and work with them to mitigate risks and speed programme execution
On the Okiluoto EPR in Finland we were brought in  to help resolve site management problems, using our major project experience to coordinate the various interfaces.  As seen below, we used laser cloud scanning to map as built facilites.
Detailed planning of the diverse disciplines involved in constructing a nuclear power station is essential to meeting cost and programme goals. Time invested in optimising a programme which takes into account the opportunities and threats for all parties, and finds ways of mitigating risks and speeding execution, always delivers dividends.
Our team has the in-house skills to provide this comprehensive service. Its members bring with them experience acquired on projects such as the design and construction of Sellafield’s new Evaporator D, construction of the main EPR buildings for Olkiluoto 3 in Finland, the design of the UK’s first Pressurised Water Reactor at Sizewell B, and Niederaußem power station in Germany which boasts the largest cooling tower in Europe. Members of the team were also brought in to improve site management on the Olkiluoto project in Finland.
We have experience of managing programmes in both a proactive and reactive way. We are able to manage unforeseen delays and keep the programme on track as well as look ahead to identify potential delays and put in place mitigating measures to prevent or reduce their impact. We have found that an open and inclusive approach to communications optimises project understanding and an appreciation of the programme parameters among all parties, resulting in improved overall efficiency.
With our extensive construction experience and knowledge of nuclear regulation, we can provide advice to the developers from an early stage and work with them to assess potential programme and project risk to devise mitigation or even avoid key challenges. Working together we can develop feasible programmes and a safe working environment with robust and auditable cost estimates. This can be key in convincing funders for the construction phase and provide the Regulators with added confidence.