Site Preparation, Logistics and Enabling Works

Providing comprehensive site expertise

We have the skills and experience to manage the many challenges that projects of this scale and complexity present

There will inevitably be significant space constraints on the site, with many competing demands for laydown, lifting, secure storage and working areas.
We therefore propose, based on our experience of other nuclear power sites and many complex multi-discipline projects, that we are responsible for all site logistics because we understand the needs of all the parties. We will manage security, deliveries to site, allocation of areas of the site, and the manoeuvering and craneage for large modules and items of plant.
To prepare the site for this complex level of activity and enable each supplier to work effectively from the moment they arrive on site, a large amount of enabling works will be required, such as earthworks, retaining walls, railways, roads, drainage and provision of welfare facilities. This is an activity we carry out on all our sites and can readily apply to a new nuclear power plant.
Delivery of modules and bulk materials to the construction site by sea is essential as the available nuclear sites in the UK are located in remote areas where road access is often constrained. We can provide advice and guidance on the planning and construction of jetties and Marine Off-Loading Facilities (MOLFs).
Understanding the requirements of all parties is crucial to effective on-site management.
Tunnels can bring critical interfaces, as here on the Margate and Broadstairs UWWTD Scheme.
Earthworks and site excavations must be completed quickly once DCO is granted
Jetties such as Belvedere can provide for delivery of materials and plant.