Complex Construction

Demonstrating compliance

Our procedures for ensuring all construction is compliant and fully auditable are currently in use on a number of UK nuclear projects

Our supply chain partners provide essential parts of the solution. We brought the same design and build team from Arsenal's Emirates Stadium to the London 2012 Olympic Stadium to great effect.
Complex modular construction at Sellafield required high integrity lifting systems to be depolyed to esure accuracy and safety.
Construction must be 100% in accordance with the approved drawings and specification. This fundamental prerequisite must be achieved, and be seen to be achieved by the regulators, through a rigorous process of surveillance, audit and documentation so that each step of the way is recorded.
Our procedures for method statements, inspection and test plans, briefing of operatives and all the other requirements for nuclear grade construction are currently being implemented on a number of successful European nuclear projects. We employ a wide range of operatives and staff who are recognised as SQEP – Suitably Qualified and Experienced People – and we have the training methodologies and capacity to extend this level of expertise to the much larger workforce that new build requires.
A programme of this magnitude demands a leadership team with the vision, strategic insight, experience and willingness to work openly in full collaboration with all stakeholders, designers, subcontractors and suppliers to guarantee the successful delivery of the project. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to fulfill this remit on previous nuclear plants in many countries, and on other major nuclear and non-nuclear projects.
There will be a substantial specialist supply chain working within the plant as it is built. We will engage with the supply chain at the earliest opportunity so that their skill, knowledge and support can be integrated into the team for the benefit of the project as a whole. We are accustomed to working in multi-discipline relationships where technical solutions are essential to the incorporation of high technology processes.
We recognise that a reliable and robust programme is essential and can only be established with the preparation of a very detailed, logically structured and integrated design, procurement and construction programme that allows for multiple “What if...?” scenarios and will continually identify the optimal programme options. Daily and weekly reviews made against this baseline programme will continuously measure improvements and highlight potential delays at the earliest opportunity to enable mitigation measures to be successfully put in place.
We can manage the construction of new nuclear power stations involving:
  • A workforce of between 3,000 - 4,000 men at peak
  • Concrete volumes in excess of 250,000m 
  • Regulator pours of 3,000m3 plus
  • Fabrication, delivery, assembly and installation of structural and equipment modules weighing up to 1,000 tonnes
  • Coordination of the construction and installation within a relatively small footprint