Commissioning to Power Generation

Facilitating the process

We will actively support commissioning to help you achieve your goals

Following construction, we'll work with you to ensure the successful distribution and delivery of the energy that powers our homes and cities
The commissioning and handover process will require the co-ordination of many work elements. It may also include minor construction work to facilitate mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation activities around the site, requiring detailed knowledge of the plant as built.
Our continuity of involvement throughout construction and installation will ensure a familiarity with all aspects of the plant which will assist in this process. It will also help instil confidence in the regulators.
We will work in partnership with you to optimise the final commissioning in order to achieve the project goals.
Finally, a key deliverable for all parties involved in the construction is the package of ‘Lifetime Quality Records’ which provides the auditable trail of evidence which underpins the case for safely operating the reactors.
By maintaining our involvement from ‘Greenfield Site to Power Generation’, ConstructEnergy can assist the developers in providing continuity throughout the project, working in an integrated manner with other trades and contractors to ensure that the plant is built safely and successfully.